Rabu, 14 Disember 2011

ALL ABOUT A GIRL When She's Quiet, Millions Of Things Are Runnng In Her Mind When She's Not Arguing, She's Thinking Deeply.
When She Stares At You, She's Wondering Why You Are lying.

When She Calls You Everyday, She's Seeking Your Attention.

When She Sms Everyday, She Want's You To Reply Atleast Once.

When She Says I Hate You, It Means She Loves You A Lot.

When She Says I Miss You, No One In This World Can Miss You More Than Her.

When She Calls You And You Don't Pick Up , She knows That You Must Be Busy But She Just Needs A Msg Or Something That Shows That You Noticed Her Miss Call Or You Miss Her...

She knows You Can't Talk To Her At That Point Of Time, But She Just Expect A Msg Saying That
I'm Busy, Plz Wait...

That's All A Girl Want's Is To Make Her Feel Special...

Girls Are Always Special ♥

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